In a recent survey with over 310 marketing respondents (by HubSpot) 

  • 81% linked video directly to an increase in sales.
  • 76% said video increased their website traffic.
  • 83% reported that video gave them a good ROI.

So, it isn’t breaking news that videos help cut through the marketing noise and give businesses an edge over their competitors. Videos help you connect to the audience and build rapport quickly. We know that time-poor customers are more likely to view a video than read a three-page written article.

Don’t throw your money away. Take the time to plan and map out your strategy

At VevaMEDIA we know using video helps to define a company’s distinct brand identity, but what is often ignored is the importance of the video and aligning it with your marketing strategy. This means your marketing strategy must be clearly defined, planned and mapped. Your marketing plan has to clearly articulate your key competitive differentiators, your product’s or service’s unique selling points, along with their features and benefits, the channels in which you market through, and the audience you are targeting. These all feedback into the messages that are incorporated in your videos.

Complement the rest of your marketing promotions

When producing and marketing your videos you need to ensure they complement other marketing promotional activities you have implemented in the business. Having videos are a powerful platform to elevate your brand, but they need to align and support your other marketing activities. Videos can’t be a stand-alone activity.

Know who your audience is

For your video marketing strategy to reach the right audience and engage them in the most targeted way, it’s a must that you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is, what their wants and needs are, their online behaviours in particular how and where they search for their information, and what devices they use to access the information. If you don’t know who your audience is how do you know what to communicate, with what type of video?

Do your research

At VevaMEDIA we believe market research is a significant part of your video marketing strategy. This aspect helps you to have a more holistic view of what is currently happening in the market, such as the current market trends, competitor offerings, and market changes, the features, and unique selling propositions of the products and services that are in the pipeline or are in the launch planning phase. It is important you do your research thoroughly so you know what videos to produce; how, why and when. 

Video marketing provides a creative edge to your overall marketing and sales strategy. The nature of videos allows you to think of unique, out-of-the-box, and exclusive ways of producing marketing communications that give your brand a distinguished personality in the market. 

Video marketing facilitates enhanced brand value, increased market share, competitive advantage, higher sales, and elevated profits that result in the overall growth of the company. It helps the company to carve a niche in the market with a distinguished brand identity and the offerings of the products and services that are planned with unique attributes and features. Having a detailed and clear understanding of how video marketing is important to your overall marketing and sales strategy. If you want to know how video is imperative to help accomplish both the long-term and short-term goals of your marketing and sales strategy contact VevaMEDIA today.

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