Looking for sales outreach concepts that stand out from the typical cold call or plain-text email? Add sales video to your collection!

Did you know that video marketing is the leader of all the digital and visual tools available to support sales? 

The numbers supports this: 

  • 30% of an audience retain what they visually see
  • 20% only retain what they hear BUT
  • 70% of the audience will retain what they see and hear. 

With the above statistics, it’s evident that video combines two elements which catch a human’s attention, that being sound and movement. Videos appeal to both auditory and visual learners. Both play a significant part in helping your audience retain the message you are communicating through video.

So, video marketing is vital to your business’s sales strategy because it helps to quickly move your prospective clients through the customer journey, which at VevaMEDIA use the ‘four-stage funnel’ to explain our customer journey. 

At the top of the funnel is the awareness stage, followed by interest, decision and then the final stage being action. VevaMEDIA believes the core purpose of a video in your sales strategy is to quickly move the customer through the top of the funnel down to the bottom of the funnel where they will action and hence convert from a prospect to a qualified lead to a purchasing customer.

Over the years the tools that have supported a company’s sales strategy have developed, grown and evolved. Once we relied on print, snail mail, cold calling and email blasts. Whilst all these mediums may still have a place to support your sales strategy and processes, the tech-driven world we live in is changing the way in which sales can be communicated, that being video content which elevates your sales strategy further. 

Why you should use video in sales?

Why does it work so well?

  1. Video is more human. Once your viewer sees your face, you become a person they trust and relate to.
  2. Video is easier to remember. Consumers are bombarded with traditional sales emails. But they didn’t get personalized video messages so often if they did it all. This way you can stand out from every other salesperson who’s not using a video.
  3. Video is more interesting. What you will choose – watching a video or reading yet another block of text? The rising popularity of YouTube and Instagram Stories proves that video content is more interesting for consumers nowadays.
  4. Video is more visual. It’s much easier to give someone an idea of how your product looks and works when you can really demonstrate it.

How to use video for sales

These guidelines would help you.

  1. Pick the right setting. It’s fine to shoot your videos in the room, but make sure you have satisfactory lighting and a presentable background. Just a white one would fine. Otherwise, your prospect might be distracted by the clutter from the last corporate party.
  2. Keep it short. No one wants to sit too long to watch the video, just like no one wants to spend the time for a huge email. Stick three minutes or less for product-related videos or 30 seconds for “quick tip” videos, as Hubspot advises.
  3. Use materials. Some of the most entertaining videos use props. Write your prospect’s name on a whiteboard to show him it’s a custom video. Such approach increases click-through rate even more.

Also, read this Video’s Vital Do’s & Don’ts article to learn more tricks.

“Video provides an opportunity to tell a story which your audience can relate to”

Customer testimonials and product demonstrations can be recorded ahead of time and offer that ‘real’ human touch. Not to mention a video provides an opportunity to tell a story which your audience can relate to. An explainer video can provide an in-depth explanation on how to make the most of your product. In short, video is a succinct and effective method for your target audience to remember and retain the messages of your video rather than if it were written in a white paper. 

“Video with analytics that can be tracked is far better than a disposable printed brochure”

Furthermore, videos can be repurposed, reused and the beauty of it being available online is that you have the ability to access data to get an accurate understanding of your video’s success. Data is a powerful means of learning and ascertaining what areas you need to improve, change or simply not do in your future videos. Bear in mind, a video with analytics that can be tracked is far better than a disposable printed brochure, which is also not good for the environment.

Video is the most powerful way to support your sales strategy to attract, educate and acquire customers in the quickest possible way. Rather than it being a single-serving medium, VevaMEDIA believes video has the capability and provides the most engaging means for you to deliver your message to your target audience. Want to see how video is vital to your sale’s strategy? Contact us today.

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