It can be very overwhelming when you are planning to produce a video. Not to mention it can be just as confusing as to what you need to do and not do.

The following provides you with a list of vital do’s and don’ts of video marketing that VevaMedia believe will help you during the production of the most effective video for your target audience.

Do I need to spend lots of money?

It goes without saying that your brand reputation can be determined by the quality of what you shoot. But, don’t assume you always need to spend a lot of money when making videos.

At VevaMEDIA, we initially ask our clients three simple questions to help determine what type of equipment they should use, which will indicate how much money is required to be invested in producing the video. 

  1. What type of video(s) do you want to produce?
  2. Who is your intended target audience that will view this video?
  3. What are the digital media channels that will be used to distribute their video?

How long should my video be?

There is no exact science to the length of a video. Essentially it comes down to what type of video you are producing and therefore the content to be included. You need to ensure the video is balanced in the amount of content included for your intended target audience. It depends largely on what stage the customer is in your buyer’s journey.

How do you want your customer to feel in the video?

At the end of the day, ‘emotional’ or ‘inspiring’ content is content that makes you feel something. It may not really matter if your audience is laughing, crying or feeling inspired at the end of your video, but what is important is that they feel something, or you’ll be easily forgotten. VevaMEDIA makes sure our clients’ videos convey an implied voice or brand persona to ensure the audience resonates with it. Whether it’s the person featured in the video, the language used to explain your brand’s beliefs or even the topics you choose to cover, the key is to create content that triggers targeted emotions and try to tie these feelings to a specific action you want your audience to complete. Of course, you want people to enjoy your content, but ultimately you want them to do something as a direct result of watching it. 

Also, read about the three video types that your audience wants to watch.

What should I offer? Offer a story

Video provides you with a perfect medium to conduct your emotions in a way which an image or a text alone cannot achieve. This is because visuals are simple to consume and 60k times faster than an image or a text by an ordinary person. It’s great to offer a complete and a relatable story to your targeted audience and strive for better user engagement.

It’s much easier to follow a character which is emotional, honest and similar to the audience. Also, try to create the video in a way where the character would carry the audience instead of making it simple and obvious. VevaMEDIA loves to emphasize interesting characters in its videos. 

Think about who is on your team

VevaMEDIA quite often has an initial briefing with a client who wants to just film the CEO in the video. Our general approach is you don’t need to just have the most senior person in your company included in the video. We believe that having as many people who work within your business filmed, helps connect your target audience with your business on a deeper, somewhat more personal level. Seeing a whole team of people from the same company in different videos enables them to build trust and rapport. It would be more quickly than if you just had your CEO filmed in all your videos.

Useful content

When creating a video for your business remember to not to brag about your company. It might create boredom for the viewer. Instead, you can educate your potential customers about the benefits of your organization. It’s important to make the video which is easy for people to relate. People tend to share useful content on social media platforms if it’s useful or emotional. 

Rehearse out aloud

It may sound ridiculous but rehearsing the script out loud helps you to catch any errors in your script. In addition, it helps you to deliver your lines smoother and come across more natural. Some people like to rehearse in front of someone who they trust will provide constructive feedback. Find out what works best for you. And remember it is important to rehearse before you start the filming of your video.

Have a call to action

We suggest that ending a video with a takeaway helps in guiding your customers. It guides to further engagement with your business or brand. Even if you are simply putting a button of “subscribe to our channel” or “share our video”, it will trigger the potential clients to go for it.

Frequency of marketing

With so many platforms now, we know it’s a noisy world out there. It may be that people might be interested in your business, but you’ve lacked the ability to show them anything new. So, the natural thing to do is they become tired of your same videos. As a result, they switch off. So, you must create video content that is interesting, engaging and keeps your audience wanting to watch more. 

You may find it takes time to fine-tune the production of your videos but with these vital do’s & don’ts of video, it will steer you in the right direction. As you know, the most engaging form of communication and the most efficient way to share a lot of information in a short amount of time is through video marketing. Working with VevaMEDIA can help you produce powerful videos that are engaging and get to your target audience quickly, so contact us if you want to know more.

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